App name: Flootsh

Type: Music Game

Platform: Apple Appstore

Price: Free

Requirements: a Flute

Download Link:https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/project-flootsh/id561076618?mt=8

Description: Most countries have music instruction at elementary school and it’s usually the same old instrument: the flute. We want to bring some coolness to that instrument by turning that musical learning experience into something fun and funny.

We have developed a special sound recognition algorithm in order to analyze the notes and configured it to work with the flute (it can work with any instruments). Based on that technology we decided to start small and build a funny platform game where you control that small FlootshÒ water bubble.  Players have to get the “Flootsh” from a point A to a point B. It sounds really simple but when your gamepad is a flute it brings a totally different dimension.

We want to bring the worlds of game and music into the very same app with a gamepad that is really easy to access: the flute!

Have fun and don’t lose your breath -this iSikhna team member did!

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