Shahoots TV episode 3:T’sskkurt The Partridge, Berber language

Riley has posted a story in Berber with English subtitles , as told by  Lounes, aged 10 in Kabyle, one of the 6 Berber languages . It’s a fable of a hungry eagle family with taste for partridge. Check it out.

Why Berber? Because we want to be able to not only reach children in all languages, but to also let them tell their stories in their first languages. Because Riley is Kabyle and grew up in France, he knows how important it is to not lose your language and your culture.

Berber is the language spoken and written in North Africa from Morocco to Egypt by the Berber people. In 2011 Berber became a constitutionally official language of Morocco. According to Wikipedia, the written language is well over 2000 years old. It looks like this:

and it appears on their flag.


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