Déverrouiller les Esprits et Offrir un Avenir- un Défi Irrésistible

Pourquoi le “Global Learning XPRIZE”? « Déverrouiller les esprits. Offrir un avenir. »

Je veux être : docteur, professeur, scientifique, designer, architecte… Voici quelques ambitions de carrière et les rêves de beaucoup d ‘enfants dans le monde. Malheureusement, nombre d ‘entre eux n’ont pas les moyens de réaliser ces rêves. 250 millions d’enfants autour du monde ne savent pas lire, écrire ou effectuer de simples opérations mathématiques. Pour remédier à ce problème, il faudrait former et déployer 1,5 million d’enseignants supplémentaires, ce qui est inenvisageable.

Le système éducatif n’est plus viable dans plusieurs pays. Quelque-chose doit changer si l’on veut permettre aux enfants dans les pays en voie de développement d’atteindre un certain niveau de compétences académiques.

Aujourd’hui, les rêves d’une centaine de million d’enfants sont gâchés, non pas parce qu’ils manquent de talent ou d’imagination, mais parce qu’ils sont nés dans des pays où le développement personnel n’est pas une priorité. C’est pour tenter d’améliorer les espoirs de réussite de ces enfants que le Global Learning XPRIZE a été organisé : ce concours propose comme défi aux équipes de créer des logiciels pour tablette qui aideraient les enfants à améliorer leurs capacités en matière de lecture, d’écriture et d’arithmétique en moins d’un an et demi.

La demande pour une éducation de qualité grandit bien trop vite pour que les ressources éducatives existantes puissent être déployées efficacement. Le Global Learning XPRIZE pourrait donc bien être une solution puisque les logiciels interactifs proposés constitueront une alternative crédible aux enseignants et aux écoles.

Les gagnants de cette compétition offriront aux enfants défavorisés un nouveau cadre d’apprentissage qui leur permettra de prendre en main leur propre éducation et leur donnera l’opportunité de se sortir de la pauvreté.

Un défi difficile -certainement- mais pour nous, irrésistible.

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Unlocking Minds and Empowering Futures – an Irresistible Challenge.

Why the Global learning XPRIZE? “Unlocking minds. Empowering futures.”

I want to be: a doctor, professor, scientist, designer, architect… These are the career ambitions and dreams of many children around the world. Unfortunately many of them do not have the means to make these dreams come true. 250 million children around the world do not know how to read, write and do basic arithmetic, and 1.5 million more teachers would be needed in order to provide for the educational needs of these children.

The current model of education is no longer viable in many places around the world. Something needs to change if children in developing countries who do not have regular access to schools and teachers are to attain a basic level of proficiency. Today, the dreams of hundreds of millions of children go to waste, not because they lack in talent and imagination but because they were born in a country where personal development is not a priority.

This is where the Global Learning XPRIZE comes in: it challenges teams from around the world to develop tablet based software solutions to bring these children to a higher level of performance in reading, writing and arithmetic within 18 months. The demand for quality education is scaling far too fast for the existing solutions to be provided in sufficient number to meet the need for learning. Therefore, the Global Learning XPRIZE could well be an answer to this issue, as the interactive learning tools that are developed will provide a much-needed alternative to teachers and schools.

The winners of this competition will provide new types of learning environments for children in need, enabling them to take control of their own learning and offering them the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

A difficult challenge -certainly- but one that is irresistible for us.

featured iSikhna in the world Education for All literacy XPrize

Shahoots’ Storytellers in X Prize

We have decided to embrace the challenge of the Global Learning X Prize and are now official competitors.

The challenge:  Develop new learning solutions to empower children and communities around the world.

The $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE is a competition that challenges teams from around the world to develop open source scalable software solution that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic within the 18 month competition field-testing period. An estimated 250 million children around the world cannot read, write, or demonstrate basic arithmetic skills. Many of these children are in developing countries without regular access to quality schools or teachers.

After the Imagine Cup competition in 2011 , we decided to continue on from our eBAKPAK and we decided to develop apps for literacy and numeracy with a focus on young children. The guiding principle is still “Learning for All” and combatting illiteracy and innumeracy. We have focussed on Apps for literacy (currently Shahoots the Storyteller and ReadnTalknWrite – RnTnW) and for numeracy(ActionFraction) plus one for learning the flute (Flootch). Action Fraction and Flootch are in the Applestore.

This is important to us all. The recent Unesco review of the progress toward original Millenium Goals shows us that 250 million kids do not have access to primary school education.

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Check out our new video “Shahoots the iPad App”

As part of our imminent IndieGoGo campaign, we’ve done a video on how to use Shahoots the Storyteller in its current version.

The objective behind our crowdfund campaign is to accomplish some key steps to do important graphic design and programming work so that Shahoots can be a standalone app and it’s users can download from the web, build in text and export the story as video as well as use it across all touch devices.

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Great Minds Think Alike: Literacy and Numeracy for All and XPrize

Great email today from Peter Diamandis and his XPrize team – the Global Learning XPrize.

Great minds think alike or more modestly, synchronicity and  timing! We are delighted to see that our commitment to using technology for accessible learning for all kids to have literacy and numeracy skills finds very strong echoes elsewhere in the world. Literacy and numeracy for 350 million kids who do not have access to schooling. And serious money behind it.This is great X Prize.

We have been working on and testing free apps for kids since August 2011 in the Paris region with inspiration and a lot of sweat equity. We have tested in India, Algeria and the US as well. Our  contribution has been to build a maths application called Action Fraction



and a flute learning app called Flootsh, both free on the App Store.

Our Say’nRead’nWrite App is in development.

We are about to crowdfund with Indie GoGo for Shahoots the Storyteller, harnassing technology to storytelling to build literacy and stimulate visual, written and expressive creativity .

our stories

This is very exciting and XPrize, we are talking the same language and we are in.


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Great video discussion http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/the-xprize-foundation-launches-new-prize/5400d81002a7609196000608

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Shahoots, iSikhna’s Storyteller App

We have spent the wet northern summer of 2014 refining and developing our wonderful Storyteller App – Shahoots. To tell our stories and hear stories is  fundamental not only to our humanity (to paraphrase Isak Dinesan) but also to our learning.  Part of that process is of course the “mind picture” conjured by words and it is this imaginative interaction with moving image that fascinates us at iSikhna. To this end we created a Youtube Shahoots Channel and have put up stories that are animated and narrated  by children themselves (so far in French and Berber with English to come).

We are also asking ourselves “what were our favorite stories as kids” and there is always a couple that stick in the mind. Mine were the mix of admonishing German stories from Bechstein, Grimm and Struwwelpeter (Shock Headed Peter) and the wonderful “Dreaming” stories of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. In our polyglot team, we have stories in Rumanian, Berber, Russian, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, French, German and English -Stay tuned …

Shahoots original Storyteller



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