Team —————————————————————————–

CasandraCasandra is originally an economist and has a background in business, international diplomacy, academia and filmmaking. She was first alerted to the potential of digital technology for education when she worked on the G8 Global Broadband Initiative of 1995-2000 and after becoming a university teacher in the creativ industries, digital business and international business. She currently teaches at Sciences Po, Mod’ART and ESG Management School in Paris, and is also a (film) storyteller.

rileyRiley is a UIX programmer and designer with a Master of IT. His passion is great user interface design and its application to problem solving. He participated three times as a finalist in the Microsoft Imagine Cup and captained the 2011 French national team in Software Design.

EmilieOur chief graphic artist, working in the aircraft construction sector as a technical designer and who for iSikhna unleashes her distinctive and captivating creativity.


SantiagoSantiago is our Ace developer, Master of Science degree in computer programming and the number 1 Lakers fan he shoots the most beautiful code from anywhere in the court.

garfield copyGarfield is an original graphic artist. She has an MBA in Creative Industries and is now back in Hong Kong with the Design Council.


Anais guinet CopyAfter graduating from “les Beau-arts” Anais got into 3D infographic school for three years and designed a 3D app for the  museum of Marseille. Her true passion is video game design and augmented reality.


MarinA business student in Paris, with a passion for sports and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Shahoots and iSikhna represent a rare opportunity for the team and him to give back to the world. We are lucky enough to have access to everything that we need, so let’s put all our resources to good use! As Gandhi once said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”.


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