iSikhna is a Non Profit Organization, established in 2011 and located in the Paris Region in France. It was created by a group of like minded IT and education professionals, sharing a vision of a flatter education playing field for children (and indeed illiterate adults) regardless of where they live and the wealth of their families.

Why the mountains? We chose the name iSikhna from the Sanskrit language of India, the oldest living language in the world. A language from the Himalays. It means learning and the i prefix is , of course, interactive, combining the ancient with the new. Learning and not just education.

We at iSikhna  are focused on the use of touch devices for interactive mathematics, problem solving, literacy and storytelling applications to give kids not only a more enlightened  learning tools but also access to creative expression .

Our approach is one of User Centred Design and therefore our focus is to test and test in classroom situations and also to explore the way teachers can integrate these new approaches into their teaching. We have been privileged to do the bulk of our testing in a French primary school in the Paris region and also testing in schools in India, Algeria and the USA.

We have placed the Action Fraction® and Flootsch® for free on AppStore and current projects include a read and write application and Shahoots the Storyteller®. For the latter we will be launching a crowdfunding in September 2014 to make it multiplatform and standalone

We believe in the great possibilities of gamification for our mission of learning for all and yes, you can be part of it


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