Why the Global learning XPRIZE? “Unlocking minds. Empowering futures.”

I want to be: a doctor, professor, scientist, designer, architect… These are the career ambitions and dreams of many children around the world. Unfortunately many of them do not have the means to make these dreams come true. 250 million children around the world do not know how to read, write and do basic arithmetic, and 1.5 million more teachers would be needed in order to provide for the educational needs of these children.

The current model of education is no longer viable in many places around the world. Something needs to change if children in developing countries who do not have regular access to schools and teachers are to attain a basic level of proficiency. Today, the dreams of hundreds of millions of children go to waste, not because they lack in talent and imagination but because they were born in a country where personal development is not a priority.

This is where the Global Learning XPRIZE comes in: it challenges teams from around the world to develop tablet based software solutions to bring these children to a higher level of performance in reading, writing and arithmetic within 18 months. The demand for quality education is scaling far too fast for the existing solutions to be provided in sufficient number to meet the need for learning. Therefore, the Global Learning XPRIZE could well be an answer to this issue, as the interactive learning tools that are developed will provide a much-needed alternative to teachers and schools.

The winners of this competition will provide new types of learning environments for children in need, enabling them to take control of their own learning and offering them the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

A difficult challenge -certainly- but one that is irresistible for us.


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