Great email today from Peter Diamandis and his XPrize team – the Global Learning XPrize.

Great minds think alike or more modestly, synchronicity and  timing! We are delighted to see that our commitment to using technology for accessible learning for all kids to have literacy and numeracy skills finds very strong echoes elsewhere in the world. Literacy and numeracy for 350 million kids who do not have access to schooling. And serious money behind it.This is great X Prize.

We have been working on and testing free apps for kids since August 2011 in the Paris region with inspiration and a lot of sweat equity. We have tested in India, Algeria and the US as well. Our  contribution has been to build a maths application called Action Fraction



and a flute learning app called Flootsh, both free on the App Store.

Our Say’nRead’nWrite App is in development.

We are about to crowdfund with Indie GoGo for Shahoots the Storyteller, harnassing technology to storytelling to build literacy and stimulate visual, written and expressive creativity .

our stories

This is very exciting and XPrize, we are talking the same language and we are in.


Foto del día 4-19-12 a la(s) 2.33 PM #4

Great video discussion

Super T


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