Shahoots is THE storytelling App that allows you to easily imagine, tell, illustrate and animate a story, your story.

Shahoots uses “e hand painted”original computer graphics that enable the child to choose backgrounds, move characters, have them roll, jump, increase and decrease them in size allowing the child  to play with depth of field and sequencing.

• The child can choose to record a story first and then do the animations to the playback recording.
• Alternately, the child can animate and move characters then record the story to the playback of the animation.
• And lastly, the child can record the story and animate the characters simultaneously.

It is a a multi media “tale maker”. It’s a lot like making your first animated movie. The child is the script writer, the designer, the directer, the casting director,  the producer and the actor of his or her story. Or, with other children, to work collaboratively, each with a role like a moviemaking team.

We think that Shahoots will do for childrens’ imagination, storytelling and articulateness what Harry Potter and Manga did for reading 10 years ago.

At this point our intervention is necessary for character integration by coding. We want to move to the next level of a multi-platform, standalone storytelling App – the objective of our crowdfunding campaign



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