We have spent the wet northern summer of 2014 refining and developing our wonderful Storyteller App – Shahoots. To tell our stories and hear stories is  fundamental not only to our humanity (to paraphrase Isak Dinesan) but also to our learning.  Part of that process is of course the “mind picture” conjured by words and it is this imaginative interaction with moving image that fascinates us at iSikhna. To this end we created a Youtube Shahoots Channel and have put up stories that are animated and narrated  by children themselves (so far in French and Berber with English to come).

We are also asking ourselves “what were our favorite stories as kids” and there is always a couple that stick in the mind. Mine were the mix of admonishing German stories from Bechstein, Grimm and Struwwelpeter (Shock Headed Peter) and the wonderful “Dreaming” stories of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. In our polyglot team, we have stories in Rumanian, Berber, Russian, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, French, German and English -Stay tuned …

Shahoots original Storyteller




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