We like the “Connected Classrooms” Program in Queensland Australia and their attitude to Games in Learning
Why? Because games not only help children to learn by playing but also by designing and developing games themselves. This philosophy underpins our approach to the development of our Storyteller® app so we excerpt part of their article “Why games in learning?

Digital games already play an important role in many students’ lives. Purposefully selected games blended with carefully constructed learning experiences can be used to improve student learning outcomes. – open up opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable or too costly or too dangerous to make available to students, develop self-monitoring, pattern recognition, problem recognition and problem solving at a deep level, principled decision-making, qualitative thinking and superior short-term and long-term memory and lastly, engage students.
The best games engage by being: challenging, complex and scaffolded, immersive and provide an interactive virtual play environment; by being goal-oriented (eg. Make the world a better place, be a hero); by being fast-paced, story based and offering immediate feedback and being customisable so that students can make it their own
They add that significant learning can also take place through designing and developing game thereby building story telling skills and encouraging cooperative learning. Full article at


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